Randox Health Workplace Wellbeing Lunch and Learn Event guests get exclusive glimpse of Randox Health Grand National Trophy

Guests at Randox Health’s recent Workplace Wellbeing Lunch and Learn event were amongst the first in the world to experience a first glimpse of the prestigious Randox Health Grand National trophy, won on Saturday 14th April by Owner Michael O’Leary, Trainer Gordon Elliott, Jockey Davy Russell, Groom Louise Dunne and of course, the winning horse, Tiger Roll.

Having taken place on Tuesday 13th March 2018, the event at which the trophy was exclusively exhibited was an opportunity to help educate businesses about the benefits of employee health and wellbeing, and how Randox Health can support and improve organisations’ efforts in this area.

Event participants were additionally treated to a unique photo opportunity with the latest Randox Health Grand National trophy.

Kenneth Galloway, Business Relations Co-ordinator for Randox Health, commented;

“Health is becoming an increasingly important factor for employee benefits at work. A healthy, happy workforce leads to an increase in productivity and job satisfaction so a strategic plan to develop this should be imperative for any business.

“At Randox Health we offer a range of corporate wellbeing health programmes to suit all business types, and we were delighted to share with local businesses and organisations at our Lunch and Learn event how we can enhance the wellbeing of their employees.”

Randox Health corporate wellbeing packages offer your employees the most comprehensive health checks on the market, which can be carried out at one of Randox Health’s clinics or via its innovative mobile clinic service, which can be arranged to visit your workplace.

With these revolutionary health checks your employees can identify the very first signs of disease and prevent health problems in their future, long before the appearance of symptoms.

Kenneth continued;

“Recent reports show clear links between meaningful wellbeing programmes and a variety of desirable employee and business-related outcomes including recruitment and retention, and so choosing Randox Health’s corporate wellbeing programmes sends a positive message about a company’s commitment to their staff.

“We were delighted at the number of people in key management roles who showed an appetite for next-generation health benefits in their place of work and would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who joined us on the day.

“We hope you enjoyed the opportunity to see the Randox Health Grand National trophy up close and personal and that you made a special effort to tune in to the big race on Saturday 14th April to see it presented to the winner of the world’s greatest race!”

To find out more about our Corporate Wellbeing programmes, contact Kenneth Galloway via email: Kenneth.galloway@randoxhealth.com or phone 028 9434 3107

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