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What makes us different

Unlike any other health care; we don’t wait until you are sick to make you better. We are constantly working to keep your entire body healthy.

Randox Health can test for coeliac disease (gluten sensitivity), plus test for aspirin effectiveness, and perform resting electrocardiograms (ECG).


One-stop shop. No referral necessary. Payment plans available. Bringing the latest science and medicine directly to the public. GPs consultant specialists and ultrasound scanning onsite.

Treat Preventable Illnesses


The world today is full of preventable illnesses, and now Randox Health helps you spot them early and recover well.

Treat Preventable Illnesses


Every-body is different; when you look as closely at the body as we do, we see more, know more, do more to help you target areas of weakness and preserve the strengths in your body.

Comprehensive Health Care, Over 25 Areas Analysed


Over 25 areas of the body analysed because everything is interlinked by your blood.

Innovative, Isolated Testing


Only testing isolated parts of your body is often the reason why problems are not identified early enough to prevent or reverse.

Successful Treatment, Thumbs Up Icon


Everyone we have tested has something “in the red” and everyone who follows the Randox programme find more results “get to green”.

Personalised Health Care Solutions


From early cancer referral for top-of-the-list treatment, reversible metabolic syndrome or pre-diabetes and other pre-condition problems reversed.

Discover and Treat Reversible Illnesses


On a daily basis our clients find early signs of disease and pro-actively reverse these - for some it only take a few months to reverse.

12 Month Health Care Programme


Preventive Health Programmes look after you for 12 months - including full reports, private consultations, repeat testing, tracking and continued care throughout the year, price inclusive.

Patented Technologies Measure Hundreds of Biomarkers


Randox patented technologies measure hundreds of biomarkers simultaneously which show what you need to do now to prevent illness in your future.

Extensive Care From GPs, Scientists and Specialists


GPs, Specialists, Scientists, Genetic tests, Cancer tests, Protein tests, Metabolics tests, body-composition physical analysis, environmental considerations, family and lifestyle factors.

Global Health Care, NI & ROI, London, LA and Dubai


Randox Health NI & ROI, Randox Health London, Randox Health Los Angeles, Randox Health Dubai.

Applicable For Health Insurance Policy Holders


Applicable to insurance policy holders who have allowance towards a ‘health check’ PLUS find things and Randox refer for medical care through that insurance pot you have been paying into for years!

Corporate Health Care, Up To 62% Savings

Tax Free

Randox Health Programmes available through your company - with up to 62% savings per personal and your company saves on NIC costs too!

Peace Of Mind Treatment

Peace of Mind

Discover how healthy your body is and continue to manage your wellbeing - reduce the risk of any unwanted surprises in your future for you and your family.

Unrivalled, Unique Health Care


Randox Health is unique - like you

Take control of your future health today

The best way to prevent health problems is to find the early signs of illness from biomarkers within your blood - only available with Randox Health - start saving your life today

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