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Who We Are

Randox Health has introduced truly preventive healthcare to the World. Now we continue to lead the way with our unrivalled tests and technologies that work to keep you well.

Who are Randox?

Over 33 years experience in science and technology for healthcare innovation & dedicated to saving lives.

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What Makes us Different?

Unlike any other health care; we don't wait until you are sick to make you better. We are constantly working to keep your entire body healthy.

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The Technology

Preventive health is all about early diagnosis, which relies upon the highly sensitive and extensive Biomarker tests Randox has been developing for over 30 years.

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Medical Specialists

Randox Health is a unique collaboration of scientific expertise and medical excellence.

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Take control of your future health today

The best way to prevent health problems is to find the early signs of illness from biomarkers within your blood - only available with Randox Health - start saving your life today

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