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What to Expect

Your Tailored Personalised Health Plan and Extensive Scientific Analysis to track your health throughout the year.

Enquiries and Bookings

1) Enquiries and Bookings

Personal coordinator assigned to assist with your bookings throughout the year

30-40 Minute Appointments

2) Appointments

Medical Questionnaire

Personal health measurements

Blood and urine sample collection

30 minute duration*

Private Laboratory Analysis and Biomarker Testing

3) Private laboratory analysis

Biomarker testing for over 25 areas of your body

Personal Health Performance

4) Results

Reviewed by Scientists and Doctors

Personal Health Plan

5) Personal Health Plan - issued within 10 working days

Complete and comprehensive report includes health status, results, expert advice, and next steps

Private Consultation With Randox Doctors

6) Private Consultation

Full review and scientific analysis of results with Randox Health Expert*

Receive personalised advice and guidance

30 minute duration*

Private Specialist Consultation

7) Private Specialist Consultation**

Physical examination and/or Ultrasound Scan

30 minute duration

Follow-up Testing and Support

8) Biomarker Tracking

Track your biomarkers with check-up bloods

Review results with Randox Health Expert

Your Health Portfolio

Blood in a user friendly display to show every Biomarker measurement and parameter in a Red-Amber-Green traffic light display, with complete glossary

Scientific Analysis Each individual health performance is reviewed within our team of specialist scientists and preparedfor release

Cover Letter Summary of results to introduce your Personal Health Performance and help you navigate the report

Printed and bound report and electronic copy in your secure online portal

Track Up

According to timelines and recommendations in your Personal Health Plan

Monitor areas of concern and improvements

Update Personal Health Plan with physician

Optimise your health – prevent illness

Continued care & advice included throughout year with your dedicated physician copy in your secure online portal

Private Consultation

Randox Health Expert Recommendations – response to both positive outcomes and any areas of concern

Action Points - to help you Take Control of Your Future Health

Next Steps: What You Do Next, What We Do Next – including timeframes for your next appointments, results to monitor,
further consultations, necessary referrals, or treatment

Personal Health Plan

All Results interpreted, interrelated and discussed

Review and application of Physical Medical Lifestyle Questionnaire (PMLQ)

Response to results and advice

Continued care and advice included throughout year

Our Doctors can also provide, where applicable:

Physical examination

Prescription medication

Medication monitoring/intervention



Referrals (Private & NHS)

Access and advice from Network or specialists - Randox Health Associates

Workplace Wellbeing

*Please note for Signature Clients, all Consultations are GP-led with support from the Randox Health Expert. Signature also includes an additional initial GP consultation and access to all tests and services therefore timings may be different to estimations above. Signature Clients will receive their Private Review Consultation prior to their Personal Health Plan release. Appointments will be scheduled with care to ensure adequate time is allocated to include all of your preferences and suitable time allowed to prepare your bespoke results.

**Private Specialist Consultations available as part of Signature, or at an additional cost with other packages.

Take control of your future health today

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