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Specific Concerns

Health definitions are a selection of highly innovative tests, for your current and future wellbeing. These usually require specific health interest and symptoms.

Fertility Testing

Peace of mind and a smart approach to planning your future.

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Testing Symptoms & Infections

Our targeted tests for the prevention of specific ailments

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Targeted Testing

Testing issues related to specific body centres

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Specific Testing

Assessing potential Coeliac and Aspirin effectiveness

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Home Testing Kits

Simple to use, private and reliable home tests for STIs and Bowel health

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Genetic Testing

Cutting edge genetic testing

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Private Consultations

Access to NHS registered Specialist Consultants

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Take control of your future health today

The best way to prevent health problems is to find the early signs of illness from biomarkers within your blood - only available with Randox Health - start saving your life today

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