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Ultimate Wellbeing. For lifelong health and wellbeing this is the best possible way to prevent illness and take control of your body. Over 350 biomarker tests, with unlimited and personalised access to experts and solutions, for ultimate health care

About the Programme

The most extensive & exclusive Annual Health Programme in the world. Personalised blood analysis and consultations throughout the year will target, track and optimise your wellbeing now, to prevent thousands of illnesses in your future!

Personal access to the most cutting edge tests and technologies available provides the power to prevent disease with Signature managed lifestyle solutions.

Initial consultation included to showcase the entire Signature programme with you and help you select what you want to avail of throughout the year.

Over 32 areas of your body analysed as standard: 25 areas from your blood and 7 from urine or physical measurements.

With access to over 12 additional options for advanced testing including Genetic Testing, ECGs, Respiratory Infections, Advanced Digestive Health, Sexual Health, Fertility Testing, Aspirin Effectiveness, Coeliac testing, Bowel Health and more.

Over 350 Biomarkers analysed on your blood sample in a private laboratory.

Further tests carried out throughout the next 12 months to track and optimise the biomarkers which are out of range. Repeat tests included at no additional costs, additional tests available at preferential programme rates Consultations and updated Personal Health Plans provided throughout the year.

Advanced Body composition using unique state of the art analysis – fat mass and segmental distribution, muscle mass and segmental distribution, bone mass, visceral fat rating, total body water percentage, basal metabolic rate and metabolic age.

All results available in your bespoke Personal Health Performance within 10 days.

Prevent illness in your future with personalised blood testing and your preventive health plan which includes regular monitoring and continued care throughout the year..

Hover over the number of Biomarkers in each health area to the right to view the full list.

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Programmes Include:

  • For Signature programme, all Health Definitions are complimentary at request of GP.
  • Randox Patented technology measures hundreds of biomarkers simultaneously telling us what you need to do now to prevent illness
  • Biomarkers repeated throughout the next 12 months to track and optimise the results which are initially out of range and part of your Personal Health Plan
  • Repeat tests included at no additional costs, additional tests available at preferential programme rates


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Monthly Payments

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*Prices starting from, based on the payment plan

Take control of your future health today

The best way to prevent health problems is to find the early signs of illness from biomarkers within your blood - only available with Randox Health - start saving your life today

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