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Our Commitment

At Randox Health, changing the landscape of preventative health care through a steadfast commitment to developing the most comprehensive and personalised checks possible.

Scientific Excellence

Randox Patented Scientific Intelligence is second to none. Our Preventive Health Programmes have been formulated by leading scientists and are most valuable to you as a whole suite of testing. At Randox Health, we believe in combining comprehensive testing with an improved patient experience. Our access to in-house laboratories, new developments and innovative Biochip technology bypasses constraints that restrict standard health care providers. This approach eradicates the many problems associated with isolated testing and generates a more complete, personalised picture of your health. Comprehensive scientific analysis combined with clinical assessment and other diagnostic modalities, enables teams of doctors and specialists to provide our unparalleled Preventive Health Programmes – for you.

Power of Prevention

Comprehensive testing has the potential to identify issues at the earliest stages and reduce the need for treatments or medical intervention. We want you to enjoy lifelong wellbeing and are happy to work with you to achieve this. The more you measure, the more you know. The Randox technology can measure more, and the Randox tests can show you the early signs of illness. These more sensitive tests aid early identification with the power to reverse the onset of illness and prevent disease, through personalizing a health plan for the individual and tracking results.

Peace of Mind

We have redesigned our Randox Preventive Health Programmes to include follow-up testing and appointments throughout the year, at no extra costs! Annual programmes suit almost everyone. Our new programmes include more tests than ever before, your health rate is calculated, your personal health plan is composed and updated after each consultation and we book you in throughout the year to ensure your biomarkers are changing for the better. Our clients also benefit from an undeniable peace of mind that extensive arrays of checks have been expertly performed on their body; armed with a personalized proactive plan to keep their body working well is the best approach to life in any environment or occupation.

Doctors Recommendation

Comprehensive blood testing should be done at least annually as health is time sensitive and subject to change at any-time. If you have a family history of a particular disease, we recommend regular health checks throughout the year. Randox Health provides a comprehensive portrait of your current state of health and identifies early warning signs of health problems. Many conditions such as heart disease and diabetes can be picked up in their early stages, when they can be managed, treated more effectively - potentially preventing long-term damage and reduced life-expectancy. Some conditions arise without any symptoms and can be missed or progress undetected until complications occur; advanced and thorough biomarker measurements are the best way to understand your health in detail and use the information to target specific and immediate concerns correctly.

Forward Thinking

Many of the advanced tests offered by Randox Health are still unavailable to many doctors. Our mission statement is to provide our clients with the latest in personalised blood testing so that they can secure their health now and for their future. All results require interpretation in conjunction with your medical history and current symptoms. At Randox Health, our exclusive Preventive Health Programmes include a private consultation with one of our GPS, to help you understand your results and ‘Take Control of Your Future Health’; plus further consultations with specialists are available to provide additional services and ensure you get the most from your chosen programme throughout the year.

Celebrated Globally

Randox has received over 100 awards including 5 queen’s awards for enterprise achievement

Randox Laboratories has been supplying clinics, hospitals and laboratories worldwide with revolutionary diagnostic solutions for 30 years in 145 countries.

Randox is a primary manufacturer, distributor and innovator of a wide range of diagnostic solutions and high quality is at the heart of every offering.

Take control of your future health today

The best way to prevent health problems is to find the early signs of illness from biomarkers within your blood - only available with Randox Health - start saving your life today

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