Event aimed at promoting health and well-being in the workplace

21st July 2019

Workplace Health and Well-being Event

Randox Health is next month hosting a workplace well-being event aimed at helping HR Directors, Managers, CEOs and business owners implement a workplace health strategy, and how to overcome the challenges faced with implementing this.

Being held in Finsbury Pavement in London, the event will offer advice and guidance from professionals within the health and well-being industry, who will sit on a Q&A panel to take questions from the audience.

By implementing a health and wellbeing strategy employers can benefit by retaining and engaging existing staff, and attracting new ones, whilst also helping to reduce staff turnover and associated costs.It can also help to improve reputation and create a more engaged and productive workforce.

Randox Health Business Relations Manager, Kenneth Galloway, who is managing the event, commented;

“Every day we come into contact with business professionals who say they are interested in finding out more about health and well-being in the workplace, and certainly it’s something that the wider society is becoming more aware of. HR specialists in particular, 75% of whom said they wanted to implement a health and well-being strategy in the next 12 months, appreciate that a focus on both physical and mental health in the workplace is not just important, but essential.

“We’re delighted therefore to be able to assist those actively seeking a health and well-being strategy, by facilitating discussions around benefits and challenges, at this very targeted and informative event.”

In a recent study (insert study here), it was found that amongst the challenges faced by businesses, 94% of companies struggled with employee engagement. 35% of businesses cited recruitment and retention as a challenge, whilst 31% had issues with growth and scalability.

By focusing on the health and well-being of staff, the study found that businesses could increase their customer metrics by 10%, their productivity by 17%, sales by 20% and profitability by 21%.

Kenneth continued;

“Businesses that promote the wellbeing of employees often have people who are happier in their jobs, who are more productive and who become more committed to achieving shared success. In fact, recent reports show clear links between structured and meaningful wellbeing programmes and a variety of employee and business-related outcomes such as recruitment and retention.

“Where Randox Health comes into its own is that we offer a structured and meaningful programme tailored to meet a company’s requirements. As the UK’s leading health screening provider, we have evolved screening to assess whole-body health. Choosing Randox Health’s Everybusiness programme sends a positive message about your commitment to your staff.”

The Implementing Workplace Health and Well-being event from Randox Health will take place on Wednesday 25th September 2019 between 18:00 and 20:30.

Guest panellists include Dr Mark Cobain, Co-Founder of Younger Lives; Richard Holmes, Director of Well-being, Westfield Health; Sam Meakin, Global HR Manager, StatPro; and Jo Geraghty, Director, Culture Consultancy.

To find out more about their biographies please click here.

If you would like to attend please register by clicking here

If you have any specific questions in mind for the Guest Panel please email them to: kenneth.galloway@randoxhealth.com.

Light bites and refreshments will be provided on the evening. We look forward to meeting you on the 25th of September.



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