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Do you want the power to take control of your health?


Every day Randox Health clients are given the power to take their health into their own hands. With an accurate and comprehensive understanding of what’s going on inside their own body, they are able to make the lifestyle changes needed to secure their future health.


After all, prevention is better than cure. From autoimmune disease to pre-diabetes, liver issues to cholesterol, Vitamin D deficiency to muscle inflammation, our clients know that if they discover the little things in their body that aren’t quite right, at the earliest possible stage, they can actively do something about it.


If you want to join our team of Randox Health clients who take a proactive and preventive approach to their health, get in touch with Randox Health today, by phoning 0800 2545 130.

Alana Fettis

Alana Fettis saw off thousands of people to win our 2017 #FeelLikeAP competition. With a range of health concerns, Randox Health will aim to help Alana take control of her future. She’ll be sharing her journey throughout the next twelve months and you can follow it here.

After a career dedicated to becoming the world’s most successful jockey, Sir AP McCoy was never going to leave the next stage of his life to chance. When he learned he had signs of a serious chronic condition, he was relieved to know it was early enough to take steps to prevent it.

Mark Hegan

When I turned 60 I decided to go for a health MOT, just to get checked out. I was surprised when it picked up unusually low levels of a protein in my prostate gland, and a poorly functioning thyroid. This combination is unusual so I had an MRI which found a walnut-sized pituitary tumour, 1mm away from my optic nerve. I had no symptoms – no headaches, no pain, no visual problems – there were no warning signs. I’m so glad I went for my check – it saved my sight!

Emma Cuddy

I experienced symptoms of weight gain, fatigue, sluggishness and muscle weakness but put them down to a series of lifestyle changes, including poor diet and lack of exercise. But that wasn’t the case at all. My health check revealed my thyroid hormones were extremely low, due to an underactive thyroid. This explained everything. I am now managing it through medication and really feel the difference – I have so much more energy than I did before. It’s a big relief that I caught this now – if it had gone on untreated, it could have serious consequences.

We might not all be Olympic athletes like Matt, but just like the Irish sailor, we all want to know we’re as healthy as possible. He turned to our world-beating health screening programme to tackle a concern that had always lingered in the back of his mind: would a family history of cancer impact on him in the future?

Returning to the ring for this European and Intercontinental WBO Featherweight champion meant nothing could be left to chance. Making sure he was in the best possible health was critical. Thanks to the Everyman programme, Marco found out something which enabled him to get the best of his training.

David Craig

I never used to give my health much thought, as I rarely needed to visit my GP. I play rugby in the winter months and cricket during the summer, so I try my best to maintain my fitness. However having recently heard about some tragic incidents such as that of Fabrice Muamba, I became more anxious about my health when participating in matches. Having my health screening programme has given me peace of mind knowing that I am fit and healthy and it has also given me pointers to get even better. I found out for example that I have low levels of Omega 3, which plays a crucial role in preventing heart disease. As an athlete, it is of course vitally important that I maintain a strong and healthy heart. It’s so empowering knowing exactly what I need to do to secure my health on the field.

Jack Hanna

I was a little nervous before I got my Randox Health programme, but on the day of my health screen the staff were very welcoming and friendly. A week or so later when I got the results, my Randox Health GP gave me advice on how to improve them. I found out for example, that I had a deficiency in Vitamin D, which helps control the calcium and phosphate in our bodies and is needed for healthy bones and muscles. My Randox Health GP advised me to start taking a vitamin D supplement and when I had my 6 months retest the levels had greatly improved. Apparently, it’s quite common in Northern Ireland – affecting 2/5 people – and that’s unsurprising given that our main source of Vitamin D is the sun! It feels good knowing I’ve chosen to protect my health and I’d recommend it to anyone.

Maeve McAllister

After receiving my results, I was very surprised – having reported no symptoms – to discover that I have iron deficiency anaemia. It was never picked up before, but I’m so glad that I now know because it could have caused long term damage. I’ve been on medication since to address it, and already my general wellbeing and quality of life have greatly improved.

Nicola McHugh

The health check was far more advanced than anything I’ve had before. I’ve learned that I’ve inherited a cholesterol condition which I’ll need to keep an eye on, as I may need to take medication to manage it if lifestyle changes don’t keep in under control.
To me, getting a whole-body health screen makes so much sense. If I can find out something that’ll help me lead a heathier life for longer, then it’s worth it. I’d rather take action now and not get sick, than wait and have to deal with a far larger problem.

Stuart Penrose

Prior to testing, I felt 100% with no complaints, but the truth is, you can never really know for sure. And it did surprise me to find out my liver enzymes aren’t at the level you would expect for a guy of my age. Basically my liver isn’t reacting to alcohol in the same way as other people – it doesn’t recuperate as well as it should. The good news is that I found out early and I’m not sick. Knowing about this means I just cut back a bit and if that’s enough to keep me healthy, it’s not a hard choice!

Paul Kirkpatrick

A stressful job, a lack of exercise, an unhealthy diet and a family history of heart problems were the catalysts for me contacting Randox Health. My health check flagged up high cholesterol, high blood pressure and a rather concerning overall cardiovascular risk score – 25% risk of having a coronary event in the next ten years. So I was given a Personal Health Plan with particular exercise and diet recommendations, and six months later I had reduced my overall cardiovascular risk score to 10%. I know that I can reduce this even further and I have a very positive outlook for the future.

Christopher Stevenson

I hadn’t had any symptoms so I was incredibly surprised to hear that I had an H. Pylori stomach infection. H. Pylori is a type of bacteria that infects the stomach and intestine, and is the most common cause of stomach ulcers. In turn it can lead to indigestion and heartburn, and additional problems including gastritis (inflammation of the stomach), and nutrient malabsorption, so I’m incredibly grateful that it was picked up before any further health problems ensued.

Iain Shiel

My results highlighted three main areas of concern; raised blood pressure, high BMI (body mass index) and unhealthy body fat distribution. I was no unduly surprised by these results, but the detailed screening supplied by Randox gave me a graphic illustration of the need to change. The impetus I was given by Randox resulted in me adopting real lifestyle changes and to date I have lost over three stone, my blood pressure has been reduced, by BMI is lower than it has ever been, and I feel great.

Mari Jackson

Not totally surprisingly, Randox told me that I had a deficiency in Vitamin D, as do a lot of people in our sun-deficient country. I also learned that despite my BMI not being where it should be, I’m 40% muscular which is pretty high for a female. Most importantly though, I’m not at any immediate risk of heart attack, stroke, or cancer. Knowing these results has greatly increased my happiness levels which in itself is extremely healthy! My energy levels and state of mind are the best they’ve been in a long time. I have a new-found determination to remain healthy by taking the preventative measures Randox has advised me to.

Sally Ann Grassick

I took the opportunity to offer my sister and mother Everywoman programmes for their upcoming birthdays and we all made a day out of the trip to Randox Health Clinic in Holywood.  In my results, my Randox Health expert drew attention to my slightly raised cholesterol, something which is genetic in my case and was also highlighted in both my sister’s and mother’s results. We were given recommendations on how we can try and lower it together over the coming months. People often say that good health is something that can’t be bought but I think a Randox Health programme is a very worthwhile use of money and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone else.


Garry Jackson

Working in Garrys Barber Shop in Holywood, I’m aware that men don’t like to open up about their health, but I’m trying to change that. That’s why I decided to have my Randox Health programme – to lead from the front and let the men in the barber’s chair know that it’s ok to open up about their health, to take control and to make positive changes in their life to secure their health. My results did flag up some issues – for example my Iron and Vitamin D levels were found to be low, which can cause fatigue and even impact on mental health. But on the whole I was pleased to find out I was fit and healthy, and I’m taking supplements which will bring my Iron and Vit D back to a better level.

Scotty Darroch

I was told that my cholesterol levels were through the roof, and that the Body Composition Analysis I had done had discovered I have very high levels of visceral fat, which is a ‘deep’ fat stored underneath the skin and invisible to the naked eye. I’m a solid build – a bit of a chunky monkey you might say! – so it was great to find out what’s on the inside and to have a comprehensive breakdown of how I’m made up. I also found out that I have irregular levels of the hunger-suppressing hormone leptin. Knowing that I need to improve my diet is one thing, but having all the different pieces of the jigsaw together – my visceral fat, my leptin, my cholesterol – gives me plenty of things to work on.