Testimonial: London Racing Club President Lee Mottershead

Randox Health

Every day Randox Health clients are given the power to take their health into their own hands.  By simultaneously analysing a vast array of health indicators within the body, Randox Health provides a full profile of your current health status and impressively, a roadmap of your future health – enabling you to spot illnesses early, take prevention action, and fundamentally, extend your life.

And it’s this message that prompted the company to offer “mini health checks” at this year’s Randox Health Grand National – to prompt people to think about, discuss, and be proactive with their health. The True Age Challenge, aptly named as it gives users their metabolic or “true” age, was won by Lee Mottershead, London Racing Club President and Racing Post Correspondent;

“I was one of many who managed to back Tiger Roll for this year’s Randox Health Grand National – but he was only the second half of a very nice win double.

“Early on Grand National afternoon I popped in to see the Randox Health scientists, took their True Age Challenge and was told I have a metabolic age of 27, which is a fantastic 15 years off my biological age.

“We all do our best to stay as fit and as healthy as we can, so for racegoers at Aintree, the True Age Challenge was a great way for us to gauge our starting points to see how much we can improve and better ourselves.

“It proved immensely popular during the festival, hopefully showing that we’re ushering in a new era in how we view and manage our health. Rather than just waiting to get sick, more and more people are striving to take control of their health now, and to make positive changes to secure their health in the future.

“It is therefore to be welcomed that Randox Health are sponsoring the Grand National and the London Racing Club, sharing their message with racing fans that people who want to extend and improve their life, can do so. Now I just need to avoid things like buses, runaway racehorses and crocodiles, whilst deciding what to do with those extra 15 years!”

While having those extra years is great, where Randox Health truly comes into its own is ensuring they are healthy, productive years too. It does that through its innovative blood science.

From a simple blood test, Randox Health is able to return up to 350 results which in turn produce an accurate and detailed picture of the health of clients’ bodies – and their future health too. This is made possible thanks to its patented Biochip Array Technology – a unique testing platform which has been developed following a £280 million investment, and over 35 years of research and development in blood science technology.

The Randox Biochip can measure hundreds of biomarkers within your blood simultaneously, across a wide variety of areas including cardiac, thyroid, bone, diabetes and kidney health, which are then analysed collectively to understand what’s going on in the body as a whole.

It’s a far cry from the isolated testing taking place in the current clinical environment – which provides a patchy and often unreliable representation of your health. In the GP setting for example, only an average of 3-5 tests will be run.

Thanks to an investment of around 16% of the Randox’s annual turnover into research and development, Randox scientists work on pioneering research in a range of common illnesses such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s disease. New tests are therefore added to the Randox Health menu every year, making it the world’s most comprehensive health check.

Contact the Randox Health team to find out more about this ground-breaking, world-changing and most importantly, life-extending technology.

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