Tackling Sickness in the Workplace

Randox Health

At Randox Health, we’re dedicated to extending lives using our world-leading diagnostic technology. That’s why we have launched our EveryBusiness programmes, aimed at improving health and wellness in corporate environments.

It is statistically proven that a healthy, happy workforce makes for a more productive working environment and improves staff retention and job-satisfaction. Absenteeism has long been a problem for businesses and is one of the most financially damaging effects of employee illness.

It is estimated that 137.3 million working days were lost due to sickness or injury in 2016. This is equivalent to around 4.3 days per employee.

Employee wellness programmes are a scientifically-proven way of encouraging staff to be proactive about their health while also helping to catch any irregularity or disease at its earliest stage.

At Randox Health, we offer the world’s most advanced health checks, screening for up to 350 different signs of illness. We can spot any issues at their earliest stage and give true assurance of good future health.

It’s only human to be afraid of illness. Your health is your wealth after all. That’s why we’re passionate about keeping people healthier for longer and extending lives through early diagnosis.

Most people who have a Randox Health check find out that they’re healthy and may just have a few issues to rectify. This often brings peace of mind as the small issues, caught now, aren’t given a chance to turn in to something more serious later.

Give your employees the gift of health with a Randox Health EveryBusiness package.

For more information, please contact info@randoxhealth.com or Freephone 0800 2545 130.