A Gift for When You Need A Straight Answer, Now.

When You Need A Straight Answer

For over 35 years Randox has been developing innovative diagnostics tests for global healthcare providers: now these can be purchased directly by you through Randox Health.

We have an extensive selection of individual tests that can be taken on their own or in a combination package.

They include genetic testing for cardiac risk and hemochromatosis, symptom tests for issues like cough, cold and flu or digestive inflammation, and a coeliac autoimmune test. You’ll discuss your results in a private GP consultation.

We also offer consultations with fertility specialists, GPs and scientific experts.

If you want to take control of your health in the privacy of your home, we can offer the most advanced sexual health kit – Confidante – which tests for 10 STIs from a single sample.

Specialised tests start from £50. Treat yourself this Christmas and ensure you’re in the best health for the New Year. Click here to find out more.

To find out more and purchase the most thoughtful of Christmas presents – a gift card for the ‘gift of health’ – click here.