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Randox Health

If you had something that could save lives, how would you share it?

Before Randox Heath, there was Randox. For over 35 years this company became a world-leader in diagnostic technologies and worked with healthcare systems around the world, hospitals and universities, laboratories and veterinary hospitals.

But even with these partnerships, Randox had numerous tests that people couldn’t access.

After a personal episode, the company’s founder Dr Peter FitzGerald decided he had a duty to ensure that anyone could access the tests if they wanted to. And Randox Health was born.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done”

Driven by a desire to revolutionise patient healthcare around the world, Randox has spent over 35 years investing in an extensive research and development programme.

The diagnostic tests it has manufactured are combined in three different health checks, and these are available exclusively through Randox Health.

Each one delivers up to 350 results, and comes with a personalised health plan. You’ll receive expert advice and repeat testing to track your improvements over twelve months.

However the healthcare company also offers a range of specialised tests which can be added to your check, or carried out as a standalone test.

The choices we make determine our destiny

We can offer you testing to assess your fertility levels, to help you eradicate digestive infection which may be affecting your mental health, and assess your autoimmune health for conditions like coeliac disease.

If you’re interested in genetics what you might discover from our cardiac tests could have multiple benefits for you and your family.

And we also offer specialised hormonal tests, bowel tests and stroke-related testing.

Your health, your choice

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