The Science Explained

Randox has been at the forefront of the clinical IVD market for over 35 years, developing and manufacturing some of the most renowned and high quality tests for hospitals all over the world. Making Randox a global leader in human diagnostics.


Over 15 years ago and with an R&D investment of in excess of £250million, Randox developed the world’s first and only multiplex testing platform – Biochip Array Technology.


What does this mean for us today?


Using this patented technology and the Evidence Series of analysers, also designed and built by Randox, Randox Health private laboratories are able to detect and analyse 100s of biomarkers from a single sample. The Biochip has changed the landscape of testing forever, truly revolutionary.


In The Lab

Once we have collected your sample this is immediately taken to one of our private laboratories, either in the clinic or locally positioned.

Here, the highly trained bio-medical lab staff process your sample using Randox’s Evidence Evolution analyser (shown above) powered by the patented Biochip Array Technology.

This combination of skilled staff and cutting edge testing technology ensures that the volume and quality of analysis cannot be matched anywhere else in the world. Randox control the whole process from creation of the tests, the manufacturing of analysers that run them and the interpretation of the results.



Your Results

Biochip Array Technology works by testing multiple biomarkers (Proteins) within your blood at the same time. This process allows for vast amounts of data to be generated about your current and future health status.

Using decades of experience developing these tests, Randox Health scientists are able to quickly and expertly interoperate your results, providing you with an easy to understand report. 35 years of development you can understand in 30 minutes.