Electrocardiogram: The key to heart health assessment

We know that this time of year there’s a lot going on. From school nativities and the hunt for the perfect presents to carol services and preparation for the long-anticipated Christmas dinner, there’s plenty of activity in every aspect of life. Our ECG or Electrocardiogram test could help you.

Take time this month to think about the activity happening in your own body. Did you know that electrical activity in your heart can be the first indicator of a heart condition or oncoming heart attack?

Our Resting Electrocardiogram is a specialised test that measures the electrical activity of the heart. Normally, the electric impulses cross the heart, contracting approximately 60-80 times per minute at rest. The ECG can detect certain heart conditions such as hypertrophy, ischemia and many others,

This quick and painless test could be a vital early warning sign of oncoming heart problems.

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