Repeat testing as standard

Repeat testing as standard

Want to know for sure that the lifestyle changes you’ve made are affecting your health for the better? At Randox Health, we offer repeat testing as standard.

Your health is your wealth and we understand that with something as precious and as important as your health, you want to make sure you’re receiving the fullest peace of mind possible when it comes to results. That’s why when we tell you how you can significantly improve your health, we back up our advice with repeat testing to check progress.

Our patented Biochip Array offers the world’s most advanced blood test which tests for up to 350 different indicators or irregularity and disease. We can test for the most minute sign of illness or disease in its earliest stage so you can be sure of 100% accurate and speedy results.

We understand that when it comes to your body, you don’t want to make changes but never know if they’re really making a difference.

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