Randox Health Testimonials



Every day Randox Health clients are given the power to take their health into their own hands. With an accurate and comprehensive understanding of what’s going on inside their own body, they are able to make the lifestyle changes needed to secure their future health.


After all, prevention is better than cure. From autoimmune disease to pre-diabetes, liver issues to cholesterol, Vitamin D deficiency to muscle inflammation, our clients know that if they discover the little things in their body that aren’t quite right, at the earliest possible stage, they can actively do something about it.


If you want to join our team of Randox Health clients who take a proactive and preventive approach to their health, get in touch with Randox Health today, by phoning 0800 2545 130.

Randox Health Clinics are currently located in London and Belfast, with ambitious plans to roll out a number of new clinics across the UK, and internationally in the coming months and years.

For peace of mind and a smart approach to planning your future, Randox Health enables you to understand your body and ensure it is in good working order! Read about our packages here!

Contact the Randox Health team today to understand your health:

Tel: 0800 2545 130

Email: info@randoxhealth.com