Randox Health Mobile Service

From the track to your home – brand new mobile service launched by Randox Health


Horse Power is driving the future of preventive healthcare, with the launch of brand new service from the sponsor of the Grand National, Randox Health.

With increasing demand for the healthcare service stemming from the build-up to the world’s most popular horserace, the global diagnostics giant has introduced mobile phlebotomists.

It marks a departure from traditional models of healthcare provision and is in line with the company’s passion for innovation.

The trained Randox health professionals can be booked on the phone or via the newly launched Randox Health App. People will be able to book an appointment which suits them at a place of their choosing.


Randox Health Global Business Manager, Katie Coyle, who announced the launch at the inaugural Randox Health Week at Liverpool John Moore University said,

This is a ground-breaking development that will transform the delivery of healthcare in the UK and Ireland. The fact that we’re benefitting already from the sponsorship of the world’s most iconic horse race – the Grand National – is incredible. We’ve delighted with our new app, which will enable people to book an appointment in one of our clinics if they want or at the comfort of their own home or office. This is the future of preventive healthcare – making it accessible to all.”

For over 35 years, Randox has driven technological breakthroughs in diagnostics science. Originally working with hospitals universities and laboratories the Randox Health division was developed as a means of directly offering the future of healthcare to the public, through walk-in clinics.


Dr Peter FitzGerald, founder of Randox said;

“We have no qualms about being disruptive when the end result is that lives are being saved and people are staying healthier for longer. Randox Health is the most exciting offering in healthcare for a generation. We believe health is a right, and we want to ensure that anyone who wants to take control of their future through preventive healthcare can do so.”


About Randox Health

Randox Health brings the experience and expertise of Randox – the largest diagnostics company from the UK – directly to the public in its Randox Health clinics.  Randox is dedicated to improving health worldwide, and as such provides medical diagnosis to more than 5% of the world’s population – in excess of 370 million people across 145 countries.

Randox Health utilises the patented and pioneering Biochip Array Technology – the world’s only diagnostic grade biochip – to measure hundreds of biomarkers within your blood simultaneously, in order to provide you with an accurate and comprehensive profile of your current health, and to show you what you can do now to prevent illness in your future.  Armed with your results, your Personal Health Plan and private consultations you can spot any problems early and secure your future wellbeing.  The Randox philosophy is that early diagnosis and preventive healthcare is the key to improving global health and saving lives.

Randox Health Clinics are currently located in London and Belfast, with ambitious plans to roll out a number of new clinics across the UK, and internationally in the coming months and years.

More information is available at www.randoxhealth.com