Free prostate health blood tests return to Randox Health for Movember

25th October 2019

Free prostate health blood tests return to Randox Health for Movember

Free prostate health blood tests return to Randox Health for Movember

Following successful initiatives in both 2017 and 2018, we are pleased to announce that Randox Health will once again be offering free prostate health blood tests during the month of November.

The free health check tests for Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) to provide an overall profile of your prostate health.

The PSA blood testing can be booked in Randox Health’s clinics in London, Liverpool, Holywood and Crumlin, offers a pre-cursor to a physical examination, and can stratify clients who may need further investigation.


Dr. Peter FitzGerald, Founder and Managing Director, Randox Health, commented;

Prevention is better than cure, and it is so easy to get information about your prostate health which could ultimately save and extend your life.

“Prostate cancer is the most common cause of cancer in men across the UK, however if it is detected early enough, the outlook for patients is extremely positive. If caught at stage 1, almost everyone will survive their cancer for 5 years or more, but if caught at stage 4, this reduces to just a 30% survival rate.

“It is unsurprising therefore that we want to get the word out there as much as we can about the free prostate health tests we are offering, so that as many men as possible can take advantage of this unique opportunity in our clinics in London, Liverpool, Holywood and Crumlin.”

Free prostate health blood tests

Appointments are made by booking only by directly phoning your nearest Randox Health clinic: Randox Health Holywood 028 95622300 / Randox Health Crumlin 028 94477498 / Randox Health London 020 30112970 / Randox Health Liverpool: 0151 665 0700. Each booking includes complimentary body composition analysis and a phonecall with a Scientific Consultant to discuss your results.*

*Please note that there are no specific blood tests for cancer. PSA is not a diagnostic for prostate cancer, but rather, for overall prostate health.

A high PSA result may suggest prostate cancer but other causes include an enlarged prostate, prostatitis, exercise, urinary tract infection, recent sex or ejaculation, recent prostate examination, recent prostate surgery, a urinary catheter, or some medications.

Randox Health may suggest repeat testing, prostate examination or referral to a urologist for further investigation.



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Book Your Appointment

Book Your Appointment

Online, via our app or on the phone. You can book an appointment with our health experts at one of the clinic locations or alternatively book an “on the move” appointment and we will come to you.

It Lasts 30 Minutes

It Lasts 30 minutes

The clinic appointment will last no longer that 30mins! Involving a review of your details, bio-measurements and sample collection. As a result ensuring a trip to one of our clinics is quick and effortless.

Scientific Analysis

Scientific Analysis

All your samples are analysed quickly by our Bio-Medical Scientists. We use the latest Randox patent technology, which generates a vast amount of data about your current and future health.

Repeat Appointment

Your Results & Consultation

You’ll receive your detailed report in post and via our App containing a clear explanation of your results. After this you will be invited for a consultation with one of our Health Experts. Together you’ll discuss your report in full, this is all included in your package.

Your Results & Consultation

Repeat Appointment

Finally want you to continue to monitor your health status based on our results. Therefore you will be invited back for a retest as part of your initial package. Consequently this will ensure the corrections we have suggested are having a positive effect.

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