Randox Health offering free prostate health checks for Movember

Randox Health

Following the success of its inaugural men’s health campaign last year, Randox Health is once again bringing its sought-after prostate health checks to the general public for free, in celebration of Movember 2018.

The free health check, worth £130, involves two blood tests; for Total Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) and ‘free’ PSA, which is then compared to the amount of ‘bound’ PSA to provide a more comprehensive overall profile of your prostate health than the traditional single test for Total PSA.

The PSA blood testing can be booked in Randox Health’s clinics in London, Liverpool, Holywood and Crumlin, offers a pre-cursor to a physical examination, and can stratify clients who may need further investigation.

Dr. Peter FitzGerald, Founder and Managing Director, Randox Health, commented;

 Prostate cancer is the most common cause of cancer in men across the UK, however if it is detected early enough, the outlook for patients is extremely positive. If caught at stage 1, almost everyone will survive their cancer for 5 years or more, but if caught at stage 4, this reduces to just a 30% survival rate. It is unsurprising therefore that we want to get the word out there as much as we can about the free prostate health tests we are offering, so that as many men as possible can take advantage of this unique opportunity in our clinics in London, Liverpool, Holywood and Crumlin. Prevention is better than cure, and it is so easy to get information about your prostate health which could ultimately save and extend your life.”

Availing of the complimentary Randox Health prostate blood test during the month of Movember is UTV and U105 presenter Frank Mitchell.

Frank has this week had his bloods taken in the Randox Health Clinic in Holywood in Northern Ireland, and following scientific analysis of his results will return to the clinic to meet with a Randox Health expert to identify if any further investigation is required.

Frank Mitchell, UTV and U105 Presenter, explained;

“It’s a known fact that men in particular don’t like to open up about our health or any problems we’ve been having, or even to book an appointment with our GP to do something about it.  That’s why I’ve decided to take the prostate health test – to lead from the front and to let my friends, family and colleagues know that it’s ok to open up about their health, to take control, and to make positive changes in their life to secure their health.”

Appointments are made by booking only by directly phoning your nearest Randox Health clinic:

Randox Health Holywood: 028 95622300

Randox Health Crumlin: 028 94477498

Randox Health London: 020 30112970

Randox Health Liverpool: 0151 665 0700.

Each booking includes complimentary body composition analysis and scientific consultation with a Randox Health expert.

For further information about the free PSA testing offer during Movember, please email randoxpr@randox.com