Randox Health helps New CMI prevent ill health and disease

Randox Health

Staff from Belfast-based Cloud Services and IT Company New CMI were thrilled this week to be visited by Randox Health and their innovative Mobile Clinic for an engaging Health and Wellbeing Seminar.

Held over the course of two days (with a further two days scheduled within 6 months), one day in their Belfast site and the other in their Berkshire based site in England, the focus of the event was to help provide staff with in-depth, personalised health data that can help prevent ill health and disease.

Managing Director of New CMI, Ken Roulston, was kind enough to provide Randox Health with some fantastic feedback.

How has implementing your own health and well-being strategy benefited your staff? And how have the Randox Health programmes contributed to that?

Recently we decided to implement a new health and well-being initiative called “Guardian Health.” We felt that as a business not only do we need to look after our customers but we also MUST look after those who keep the business ticking over. Implementing this type of health and well-being initiative ensures that not only is everyone fit and healthy, but also that they are all functioning at their absolute optimal capacity for the business. By using Randox Health we have been able to implement a comprehensive, flexible and effective health and well-being strategy that is benefiting the business and our staff alike.

How important is your employees health and wellbeing to the business?

Our employees mean everything to us and without them our success would not be possible. Ensuring that our employees are healthy, happy and content both in work and life is a core ethos within our business. As leaders in our industry we not only want to attract the best talent we also want to retain the best talent. Implementing strategies such as this helps us to improve not only the health and well-being of our staff but also other areas such as employee engagement, retention/staff turnover, productivity and employee morale.

Why did you choose Randox Health?

We decided to utilise Randox Health as our Health and Well-being partner due to their unbelievably in-depth, 12 month health programmes. The cost and most of all the value of this service, compared to others we have used previously, has been unrivalled. Our staff have now received a comprehensive health report, as well as a follow up consultation to discuss the results within this report. 4-6 months from now they will go back to Randox Health to have follow-up tests completed to see how they are maintaining their health. Never before have we received such in-depth data about our health. As far as service goes Randox Health has been number one, and what made the service even more convenient was that we didn’t have to leave the office to go to any of their clinics. They brought the clinic to us, by means of their mobile lab. This was not just here in Northern Ireland, as they also went to our offices in England. There is no other business out there that could facilitate such a request. Dealing with each member of staff in Randox Health has been a pleasure, the staff are polite, courteous and do anything they can to facilitate our requirements.

For further information about our Corporate Health programmes, email info@randoxhealth.com, or phone 0800 2545 130