Mobile COVID-19 Testing Laboratory.

This flexible, state-of-the-art Mobile COVID-19 Testing Laboratory can be booked to attend any location within the United Kingdom, providing rapid RT-PCR test results in less than 3 hours.


We install a laboratory at your location providing an immediate, reliable service of up to 1000 samples per vehicle, per day.


Our highly experienced team of Health Care Professionals will accurately collect each sample, once collected Randox Laboratory Technicians will expedite the sample and report the results.


If you require further information, please email

London Heathrow Mobile Testing



Asymptomatic Patients

A new study by researchers at University College London revealed that 86% of people who tested positive for COVID-19 did not have symptoms, highlighting the importance of frequent screening to reduce spread of the virus.


Workplace Restrictions

Following guidelines for social distancing and wearing PPE isn’t always possible, regular screening is vital to ensure a safe working environment.


Protecting Staff and Customers

For businesses to re-open safely, staff and customers need to be protected from COVID-19. Creating a COVID-19 safe workforce is dependent on a comprehensive screening programme.


Highest Quality of Testing

RT-PCR testing is the gold standard of testing with studies showing up to 40% of SARS-CoV-2 carriers may be missed by other methods including rapid antigen tests.

The Process.

The Process for Mobile Testing

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