Taking Care of your Physical and Mental Health

Randox Health

This month is Mental Health & Wellbeing Month at Randox.


Throughout the month, we’ll be highlighting how you can take care of your mental health and wellbeing. To not only improve mood and self-esteem but also to promote the many physical health benefits associated with good mental healthcare.

Mental wellbeing is as important as physical health. For complete health and wellbeing, both must be given equal attention as one affects the other. When you’re in pain, your mental health will also be under strain. Your mindset plays a role in our pain threshold capacity. When you are under mental stress, your physical health can also pay the price. Such is the case for anxiety sufferers who quite often report stomach and bowel issues as a consequence.

At Randox Health our health checks help to extend your life through the world’s most advanced technology. Testing up to 350 different markers of irregularity, deficiency and disease in the body. We can give you the most comprehensive picture of your overall health and wellbeing available.

Mental health issues

Issues, such as low mood, anxiety and depression, can sometimes be aggravated by certain deficiencies such as a shortage of vitamin D. While supplements are unlikely to eradicate a serious mental health issue, they may help to improve symptoms. These should be a first-resort before more advanced treatment, such as antidepressants, are prescribed.

At Randox Health, you can be sure of the most advanced testing. This includes the areas of vitamin and mineral levels. Mental health and physical health are deeply connected. Make sure you know all you can about your physical wellbeing in order to address your mental wellbeing in the most informed and comprehensive manner.

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