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Everywoman Health Programme

Did you know, the Everywoman health programme at Randox Health is the most comprehensive female health check available on the planet?

From heart function to liver health, hormonal balance and vitamin levels, the Everywoman programme traces up to 150 different indicators of disease in the body. We can do this before symptoms have even presented themselves.

Often, when there is infection or illness in the body, it will have been present for quite a while but won’t show symptoms until the more mature stages. At Randox Health, you can have a detailed analysis of both your current and future health while there’s still time to make changes and reverse future illness.

The 12-month Everywoman programme, at £500, costs less than the price of a daily cup of coffee from your favourite coffee chain. The programme even includes repeat testing and expert scientific advice to improve results.

Find out more about the Everywoman health programme here from Randox Health.

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