Introducing Randox Health

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Introducing Randox Health.

For over 35 years Randox has been quietly carrying out ground-breaking R&D, transforming the way patients are diagnosed and treated in over 145 countries. But it exploded on to the national stage in 2017, when it took on the sponsorship of one of the world’s most famous steeplechases, the Randox Health Grand National.


Using hundreds of sensitive blood tests, they can not only diagnose existing conditions but also identify the early warning signs of illness. With this knowledge, clients are able to make positive lifestyle changes to stay healthy for longer. As each check comes as part of a 12-month programme, clients receive two personalised health plans with expert advice and aftercare, as well as repeat testing to help track improvements.


Traditionally healthcare is approached from a sickness-management perspective but Randox, founded by a man with a vision, is not afraid to be disruptive. “I believe we are entering an age of enlightenment”, says Dr. Peter FitzGerald. “More and more people are deciding they don’t want to face those consequences of leaving their health to chance. They’re choosing to stay healthy and we welcome that.”


“With every one of our health checks, you get up to 350 tests. Your results deliver a complete understanding of your health: your heart, kidneys, thyroid, fertility, bones and more. And it doesn’t just tell you how you are now, but helps you to manage your health for the future.”


That level of diagnostic accuracy is one of the reasons why the programmes are so sought-after by people whose livelihoods depend on their health. The principal brand ambassador for Randox Health – Sir AP McCoy, the world’s most successful jockey – had been diagnosed with prediabetes, however, following the clinic’s lifestyle changes, he has managed to reverse this diagnosis. There are also Olympic athletes, rugby players and boxers all happy to share how their Randox Health programme gave them the knowledge they needed to make important changes.


“I’ve often been asked why I wanted to sponsor the Randox Health Grand National” says Dr. FitzGerald. “It was simple. It’s known as the the People’s race; and we are committed to helping people live healthier for longer.”


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Extend Your Life.


Full body health check comprising up to 150 results.



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Extend Your Life.


Our most exclusive full body health check comprising up to 350 results.



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Prevention is key.


Our dedicated test packages are for specific health concerns or symptoms.



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Prevention is key.


Genetic testing for genes associated with a range of cancers and cardiac conditions.



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