Each health check has Randox patented technology at its core, enabling us to test more and give greater insight into your current and future health. At Randox Health, we want to discover what is normal for you, establish your health baseline and track changes over time. In this way, we can detect the earliest signs of poor health and better predict your risk of future disease. We have developed our own unique reporting software, utilising algorithms and incorporating clinical findings to provide you with results and findings personalised to you.


Book your appointment

Contact us online, via Randox Health App or by telephone to book an appointment at one of our clinic locations, or alternatively book an “On The Move” appointment and we will come to you.

Visit your Chosen Clinic

Your clinic appointment will last no longer that 30mins, involving a review of your details, measurements and sample collection. A trip to one of our clinics is quick and effortless.

Scientific Analysis

Your samples are analysed quickly by our Scientists, using the latest Randox patented technology, which generates a vast amount of data about your current and future health.

Your Results and Consultation

You will receive a detailed report in the post and via the Randox Health App containing a clear explanation of your results. We will then invite you for a consultation with a Randox Health Expert to discuss your results.

Repeat Appointment

We want you to continue to monitor your health status. Therefore, your package includes repeat testing, to allow you to track your progress and improvements.

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