Case Study: How I saved my life at 37


Randox Health found my body was storing iron. This would have sent me to an early grave and could have given me liver disease, heart problems and erectile dysfunction along the way. Now I’ve corrected it and prevented this causing other problems, I get all the answers by keeping track of my Randox Health data every few months.


“I can honestly say I’ve never felt more in control and at ease. Empowered with the right information I watched my long list of Randox Health results improve before my eyes, over the last 15 months.


The crazy thing is, I didn’t feel unwell, and when I saw the early stages of problems developing, from the advanced reports at Randox, I was relieved I had given the time to fix these.


Otherwise I may have continually become more tired than usual or had bouts of low energy but I never would have realised what was going on inside my body without Randox advanced tests and technology. I learned that the iron my body was storing was leading to hormonal and thyroid problems, I was on my way to developing liver disease and I had prediabetes already! The good news was I could correct it and ensure iron overload (aka haemochromatosis) did not get the better of me.


Randox is how we will all look after ourselves in future. I’ve just become a dad again and I’m really glad my kids will grow up in a world where you can find out what’s great about your body and what diseases you personally need to prevent – and then do just that.


We should look after our health instead of looking after our health problems.”


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