At Randox Health, we provide more than a health check. Our packages include comprehensive blood testing targeting key health areas, a Personalised Health Plan explaining all results, and follow-up consultations to ensure complete understanding of your results. In addition, you can track your health with Biomarker Tracking, included as standard in all Everyman, Everywoman and Signature packages.


An extensive health check designed for everyone

Includes up to 150 results

Personalised Health Plan

Biomarker Tracking (includes one set of repeats)

Scientific Consultations (GP consultations available at additional cost)


Access to the complete Randox Health test portfolio

Includes up to 350 results

Access to specialised tests, including specific infection and genetic tests

Personalised Health Plan

Biomarker Tracking (includes two sets of repeats)

GP consultations


Dedicated test packages for specific health concerns or symptoms. Including respiratory infection and sexually-transmitted infection testing, specific tests for digestive and bowel health, and genetic tests for diagnosis of cholesterol and iron overload conditions.


Some forms of cancer and heart disease are more likely if you carry certain changes in your DNA. Understand your risk of developing a range of inherited forms of cancer and heart disease with our selection of cancer and cardiac genetic tests.