Understanding the Randox Health Signature Programme

Randox Health

At a time when a quarter of people under the age of 75 die prematurely from avoidable causes, we have developed a range of health checks which aim to help people live healthier for longer by preventing sickness.

Leading the way is our Signature package. To put it simply, this is the most comprehensive health check available on the market today.

Made up of 350 tests, the Signature combines not only those offered in the Everyman and Everywoman packages, but is enhanced by an extensive range of specialised testing and private consultations.

Among the tests are 21 different ones which assess your heart health, 17 on kidney health, 18 that look at your metabolic syndrome and 20 on the autoimmune panel. Your fertility and hormonal health is examined, as is tumour associated markers and thyroid health.

In fact, every single test which we have developed over 35 years of R&D which can give an accurate insight into your body’s health has been included.

All is connected

Because we provide such a comprehensive level of testing we are able to review whole body heath. We do this because our bodies are interrelated, and each area needs to be working correctly to support the rest of the body. For example, we’ll examine your digestive health which can help your mental health.  Often referred to as the second brain, a troubled digestive system can send signals of pain or discomfort to the brain and there be the cause of mental ill-health.

Truly preventive care

Some of our tests have been developed to identify markers of pre-illness. This radical technology means you can take steps to avoid developing illness. Tests like adiponectin which reveals whether you’re at risk of developing Type-2 diabetes, described as the fastest growing global health threat. Or ones for serious heart conditions which can help not only you take preventive action but your family as well.

With you for the journey

Of course, having the health check is just the start. Once you receive your results and meet with our GP, you’ll be given a personalised health plan with expert advice to guide you through the next twelve months.

You’ll also receive repeat testing to track how your health improves as you follow that advice. At every step of the way, you can contact us for help and support.

Let us help you live a healthier life for longer. Click here to book your appointment today.