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Our nutritional health affects almost every process in the human body.

Nutrition gives us energy – a body without food is like a car without fuel! What if we put bad fuel in our car? Exactly the same happens when we consistently put unhealthy foods into our bodies.

What if a certain component or part of our diet is missing?

For example, if you are vegetarian, you may not have enough iron in your diet; or if you exclude dairy from your diet, you may not have enough calcium. Such insufficiencies can lead to various health problems, such as anaemia and brittle bones (osteoporosis).

Another major and highly preventable cause of osteoporosis, is a lack of vitamin D.

Did you know that the majority of vitamin D is actually made by our bodies, when our skin is exposed to sunlight?

 What if you don’t have enough vitamin D?

This is extremely common here in the UK, where we severely lack in sunlight. In fact, a majority of UK adults do not have enough vitamin D, especially during winter months; pre-disposing them to bone disease and various health conditions, such as muscle weakness, autoimmune disease, infections and dementia.

We also offer a range of other vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B12; a vitamin essential for energy production and the synthesis of healthy red blood cells. Not having enough vitamin B12 can give us a greater insight into your risk of various conditions, such as anaemia and mental illness. Along with other Digestive Health and Autoimmune tests that we have to offer, a low vitamin B12 result can indicate an underlying condition, such as pernicious anaemia (where your immune system incorrectly attacks part of the stomach, causing impaired absorption).

Nutritional deficiencies are one of the most preventable risk factors for many diseases, from helping our bones to keeping our mind, muscles, immune system and blood healthy. Diagnosis of a deficiency may indicate that you are at risk of a particular health condition however most of the time it can be easily corrected through dietary changes or supplementation. Nonetheless, we do have to be mindful that too much or too many supplements can also be detrimental; so how do you know what is correct for you?

With a simple blood sample at Randox Health, we can check your levels of such vitamins and minerals to determine if you are at risk of relevant health conditions. We can check if your current diet is appropriate for you and provide detailed advice on what you may need to change in the future.

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