Take a moment to enjoy the Health Zone at the Randox Health Grand National

Randox Health

A free-to-use health zone will be opened at next month’s Randox Health Grand National, to provide an opportunity for racegoers to find out more about how to live better for longer through wellbeing and proactive health management.

Hosted by the sponsor, it aims to create a chance for racing fans to seize a moment in an unexpected setting, and find out more about its comprehensive health checks. A secluded area will provide privacy where people can get helpful advice. The zone can also be used as a chill-out space, to relax amid the bustle of the races.

Managing Director of Randox Health, Dr Peter FitzGerald, said: “The most important thing we can do to improve our health is to be proactive about it – and often that starts with talking. This year, to coincide with the opening of our clinic in Liverpool’s Exchange Station, we’re bringing our scientific experts to Aintree to speak to the public about their health. This is the People’s Race, and we’re committed to looking after each and every one of them.”

The Health Zone will also feature a Body Composition Analysis (BCA) machine, which is able to reveal the person’s metabolic age: often seen as the ‘true’ body age. This assesses the ratio of muscle to fat, helps people learn their risk for osteoporosis and can identify long-term personal health risks. By gathering this information, people can make informed changes to improve their overall health.

John Baker, Managing Director of Aintree Racecourse said: “We’re delighted that Randox Health feels the same way about our racegoers as we do. They are the people who come to Aintree every year who really make the Randox Health Grand National the iconic event that captures the world’s attention. Helping them to stay healthy through innovative ideas like the Health Zone is something we’re keen to support and I think the BCA machine is a fantastic addition to the Festival. I’d encourage anyone who is coming to give it a go too – I certainly will!”

The Randox Health Zone is free-to-use to the public. A schedule of planned activities including Randox Health Grand National trophy visits and surprise giveaways will be available on www.randoxhealth.com

For more information about the Randox Health Zone at the Randox Health Grand National please contact the Randox PR team by emailing randoxpr@randox.com or phone 028 9442 2413

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