Randox Health named official wellbeing partner of Generali UK

Did you know that one of the largest insurance firms in the world cite Randox Health as a quality wellbeing partner? At the end of September 2017, Generali UK announced their partnership with Randox Health as part of its new Wellbeing Investment Matching Initiative. The programme sees the insurer helping employers fund new and much-needed wellbeing initiatives and ensures cost isn’t a barrier to clients implementing targeted wellbeing support and services.

To be selected, Generali assesses potential partners on their ability to bring tangible value to a business’s wellbeing strategy.

Simon Thomas, Director – UK Employee Benefits, Generali, commented:

“This initiative was launched in direct response to feedback from consultants and clients. Help was needed with the hurdle often faced in trying to support group income protection clients with the implementation of new and much needed wellbeing initiatives. The financial support for clients is only the start though. Further gains can be made over time thanks to improved claims experience and employee outcomes.”

Randox Health Corporate Relations Manager Jonathan Acheson said;

“Businesses that promote the wellbeing of employees often have people who are happier in their jobs, who are more productive and who become more committed to achieving shared success. It’s no surprise that for over a decade, reports have shown clear links between structured and meaningful wellbeing programmes and success in recruitment and retention,”

“For companies to get the most out of these programmes, they must be meaningful. This is when it’s fully appreciated, and returns on investment become evident. That’s why we work with our clients and tailor their corporate packages to deliver the UK’s most advanced health screening programmes. What makes Randox Health different is that our patented technology carries out up to 350 tests which assess whole body health – in areas like cardiac, liver, hormones – an evolution from isolated testing. Choosing Randox Health’s wellbeing programmes sends out a positive message about your long-term commitment to your staff.”

Founder and Managing Director of Randox, Dr. Peter FitzGerald, said of the partnership:

“The next revolution in healthcare is focused on preventing illness, rather than managing sickness. Randox Health goes further than standard health screening programmes and uses our patented blood science technology to identify the earliest warning signs of illness.”

“We celebrate the fact that employee benefits invested in wellbeing and health are becoming the norm in workplaces. Through our wellbeing investment partnership with Generali-UK, we now offer private and tailored corporate programmes to ensure companies can easily access the UK’s most advanced health screening programmes.”

For corporate enquiries contact, Jonathan Acheson at jonathan.acheson@randoxhealth.com or 028 94 343 044

Find out more about our health programmes here: https://www.randoxhealth.com/what-we-do/