Matthew McGovern

Matt, Olympic Sailor and World Cup champion, always had health at the forefront of his mind. His career success relied on a strong, healthy and fit body, but a family history of cancer and ill health always lingered in the back of his mind as something that might one day stand in his way.

Mark Hegan

For a while the retired businessman from Lisburn was filming in Ballintoy Harbour and at the Titanic studios, there was a time-bomb ticking in his head – a silent threat that wasn’t making its presence known.

“I feel like I have been given a second chance.”


AP McCoy

An entire breakdown of your full body; how healthy you are now, future risks and most importantly how to improve throughout the year – only with Randox Health

Marc McCullough

With the help of our Everyman Programme, Marc and his training team have been able to obtain a comprehensive understanding of his health and wellbeing, and specifically target areas requiring improvement.

Our team specifically looked at Marc’s hormonal health (stress and testosterone), his full blood profile, his nutritional and digestive health, and the health of his organs; in particular his heart.