#FeelLikeAP Virtual Reality

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#FeelLikeAP virtual reality launched during the Randox Health Grand National


Katie Walsh and AP McCoy step into the technological world of Randox Health


Sir Anthony McCoy can now help transform your future health from the comfort of your living room, thanks to an innovative collaboration with the new Grand National sponsor Randox Health.

Captured using the latest Nokia Ozo video technology, the 20 time Champion Jockey takes the viewer on a Virtual tour of the leading preventive healthcare company’s new state-of-the-art clinic.

Find out what he uncovered and what might lie in your future by slipping on the headgear at the Randox Health hub in Aintree or downloading the new Randox Health app from the Apple or Play Store.


Randox Founder and Managing Director, Dr Peter FitzGerald said;

If you’ve ever wanted a private audience with AP McCoy – this is probably as close as you’ll get! Virtual reality is an amazing tool – you are able to transport people and create sensations not possible with traditional video techniques. Randox Health has always been at the forefront of innovation, and with this addition we are helping to push the boundaries within healthcare.”


Sir AP McCoy, 20-time Champion Jockey and Randox Health brand ambassador said;

“This is the first virtual reality filming I’ve done so I had no idea how it was going to turn out. When I put the goggles on I was really impressed by the way it looked.

I’m looking forward to this being launched at the Randox Health Grand National this week as it’s not been seen here before. I think VR can help illustrate what goes on in the Randox Health clinics.”

Racing’s most successful female jockey Katie Walsh test drives the Randox Health Virtual Reality Software

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For more information please contact Randox PR on 028 9445 1016 or email RandoxPR@randox.com


About Randox Health

Randox Health brings the experience and expertise of Randox – the largest diagnostics company from the UK – directly to the public in its Randox Health clinics.  Randox is dedicated to improving health worldwide, and as such provides medical diagnosis to more than 5% of the world’s population – in excess of 370 million people across 145 countries.

Randox Health utilises the patented and pioneering Biochip Array Technology – the world’s only diagnostic grade biochip – to measure hundreds of biomarkers within your blood simultaneously, in order to provide you with an accurate and comprehensive profile of your current health, and to show you what you can do now to prevent illness in your future.  Armed with your results, your Personal Health Plan and private consultations you can spot any problems early and secure your future wellbeing.  The Randox philosophy is that early diagnosis and preventive healthcare is the key to improving global health and saving lives.

Randox Health Clinics are currently located in London and Belfast, with ambitious plans to roll out a number of new clinics across the UK, and internationally in the coming months and years.

More information is available at www.randoxhealth.com