The World’s Best Dad Deserves the World’s Best Health Check

Randox Health

World’s Best Dad – Everyone says dads are difficult to buy for – except us.

Make this year’s Father’s Day present really meaningful – buy him a Randox Health Everyman programme.

An ‘MOT’ for the body, it is the most comprehensive health screening programme available on the market. From one relaxed appointment, our experts carry out 150 different tests on a sample of blood. These include tests that identify heart health, bone health, nutritional and sexual health among others.

Armed with this knowledge, our clients can make changes that not only improve their current health but also enables them to manage their future health by tackling issues before they become a problem. Legendary jockey Sir AP McCoy discovered he had prediabetic markers and was able to take steps to stop it in its tracks.

Each one of our programmes lasts for twelve months and include personalised health plans, private consultations and repeat testing. This unique aspect enables you to see exactly what impact you’re making on your health as you follow our recommendations.

Programmes are available from as little as £41.66 per month and vouchers can be purchased to give as gifts. Tests are available at our clinics in London, Holywood and Crumlin, and also through our innovative mobile health clinic.

To find out more and purchase the most thoughtful of Father’s Day presents – an Everyman health screening programme – click here.

Or phone our Randox Health team on 0800 2545 130