Randox Health Everywoman and Everyman Programmes

Randox Health

Once a year, every year, we take our cars for an MOT.

We don’t do it for ourselves.

Why not?!

Being healthy means getting more out of life

With news that a quarter of deaths over the age of 75 are preventable, it’s time we started to appreciate ourselves more, and put our health at the top of our priority list. Once you make sure that’s taken care of, you can make plans, share experiences and enjoy life the way you choose.

Leading the way is Randox Health, which has developed the UK’s most advanced health checks – the Everywoman and Everyman. They contain our most innovative diagnostic tests, developed over 35 years of constant research and development.

Assessing 25 areas of the body and delivering 150 results, you will receive a comprehensive understanding of your body’s health. These checks look at your heart, kidneys, digestive and hormonal systems among others.

Prevention is better than the cure

Some of our tests have been developed to identify markers of pre-illness. This radical technology means you can take steps to avoid developing illness. Tests like adiponectin which reveals whether you’re at risk of developing Type-2 diabetes, described as the fastest growing global health threat. Or ones for serious heart conditions which can help not only you take preventive action but your family as well.

With you for the journey

Of course, having the health check is just the start. Once you discuss your result with us, you’ll be given a personalised health plan with expert advice to guide you through the next twelve months.

You’ll also receive repeat testing to track how your health improves as you follow that advice. At every step of the way, you can contact us for help and support.

Let us help you live a healthier life for longer. Click here to book your appointment today.