EveryBusiness: Randox Health Mobile Clinic visits Concentrix

Randox Health

Staff from Belfast-based services company Concentrix were visited by the Randox Health Mobile Clinic for an engaging Health and Wellbeing Day.

Held on Wednesday 9th May 2018, at Concentrix’s new home and European Customer Engagement Centre at the Old Maysfield Leisure Centre site in Belfast, the focus of the day was to help educate businesses about the benefits of employee health and wellbeing, and how Randox Health can support and improve the efforts of local organisations, including Concentrix, in this area.

Utilising the innovative Randox Health Mobile Clinic, Concentrix staff were provided with a simple 17-point health check providing important information about each person’s physical health.

Kenneth Galloway, Business Relations Co-ordinator for Randox Health, commented;

“We’re delighted to be have been able to offer members of Team Concentrix the opportunity to avail of our revolutionary health checks from our mobile clinic, which now means that anyone who wants to extend and improve their life, can do so.

“Preventive healthcare is the future, and this is a ground-breaking development that will transform the delivery of healthcare in the UK and Ireland. People can choose to live healthier lives for longer.”

As an alternative option to visiting a Randox Health clinic, currently located in Belfast, London and Liverpool, a Randox Health programme in the company’s Mobile Clinic can be booked on the phone or via the newly launched Randox Health App. Clients can book an appointment which suits them at a time and place of their choosing.

As with each Randox Health programme, the health checks at Concentrix were followed up by a discussion with a Randox Health expert to review individual results. It’s something Concentrix Health and Wellbeing Manager Damien Stone was delighted to offer staff;

“It was a great success for us. The tests were in high demand and the day created a real buzz around the office. It got people talking about their body and health, with people openly sharing and discussing their results.”

Sarah McKay, Business Director for Concentrix, added;

“I think the health checks are a great benefit for the teams, and I have received lots of positive feedback from team members who have had the health checks done today.”

Health is becoming an increasingly important factor for employee benefits at work. A healthy, happy workforce leads to an increase in productivity and job satisfaction so a strategic plan to develop this should be imperative for any business.

Randox Health offers a range of corporate wellbeing packages to suit all business types. Thanks to these revolutionary health checks your employees can identify the very first signs of disease to prevent health problems in their future and fundamentally, extend their lives.

For more information, please contact Randox PR on 028 9442 2413 or email randoxpr@randox.com