EveryBusiness: Randox Health visits Canal Court Hotel, Newry

Randox Health

In celebration of our new EveryBusiness offering at Randox Health, we’re recounting how we’ve helped businesses keep their employees healthier for longer in the past. An EveryBusiness programme is the perfect way to promote a healthy lifestyle and culture in your place of work while also benefiting employees with the most comprehensive health check available on the planet.

On Thursday the 24th of May 2018, Randox Health hosted its first health and wellbeing breakfast in the prestigious Canal Court Hotel in Newry. The event was an opportunity to help educate businesses about the benefits of employee health and wellbeing, and how Randox Health can support and improve organisations’ efforts in this area.

Randox Health client Feargal McCormack, Managing Director of PKF-FPM Accountants, also attended the seminar to discuss with event attendees how his organisation manages this particular topic and what strategies they have implemented, including the introduction of Randox Health Programmes.

Feargal and his staff introduced the Randox Health Programmes to PFK-FPM to ensure that the people within the business are in the best health they can be and therefore working to their full potential.

Describing his staff as the company’s “most valuable asset,” Feargal then went onto describe his own personal experience of the Randox Health Programme;

“I was afraid but it has re-assured me, as I am the type of person that needs to see the facts. I’ve never seen so many tests in one place that can help me with my health.”

After the event all attendees were offered a complimentary 17-point health check from the comfort of the Randox Health Mobile Clinic. As an alternative option to visiting a Randox Health clinic, currently located in Belfast, London and Liverpool, a Randox Health programme in the company’s Mobile Clinic can be booked on the phone or via the newly launched Randox Health App. Clients can book an appointment which suits them at a time and place of their choosing.

Randox Health Business Relations Manager Kenneth Galloway commented;

“The “mini health check” offered from the Mobile Clinic during the Canal Court Hotel event was just a small taster of what we offer at Randox Health, to introduce event attendees to our innovative blood science technology. That’s what we specialise in – diagnostic blood testing – to provide you with in-depth information about your body to help you extend your health and live healthier for longer.

“We were also privileged to get a visit from Canal Court Hotel Owner John McParland and some additional staff members who were curious to find out what we do here at Randox Health. They described the information about workplace wellbeing as, ‘eye-opening’ and ‘very informative’.”

To discuss how Randox Health can enhance your Health and Wellbeing strategy within your business and ensure that you and your staff are fit and healthy, please contact the team by phoning 0800 2545 130.