‘Back to Business’ COVID-19 Staff Screening Programme from Randox Health


23 July 2020

As we move towards a new ‘normal’ and businesses begin the process of reopening, many organisations will be wondering how to ensure a safe and reassuring work environment for their staff.

Thanks to an innovative COVID-19 testing service from Randox Health, employers can facilitate a timely and efficient return to work by confirming their workforce as ‘COVID-safe.’

The staff screening programme will allow companies to demonstrate their commitment to their staff, and help a wide variety of industries get back to business by ensuring the highest level of safety.

David Hallendorff, Business Relations Manager at Randox Health commented;

“Collectively we are all working towards a timely return to a more normal society, which will see companies reopening and people returning to work.

“To facilitate this recovery of the economy, without compromising the health of workers or of the wider general public, workplaces have a responsibility to provide a safe working environment.

“It is great to see so many companies putting the health of their staff as a priority and taking a proactive approach to testing.”

Randox, a partner of the UK Government’s national COVID-19 testing programme, is offering two types of testing;

  • PCR (diagnostic) testing that is performed on a throat/nasal sample taken with a home swab collection
  • And antibody testing, performed on a patient blood sample taken by the Randox Health team.

Whilst antibody tests give an indication that an individual has been previously infected with COVID-19, they do not confirm current presence of the virus, and as such, a combination of diagnostic and antibody testing is recommended to determine a complete overview of a patient’s COVID-19 status.

David added;

“We are delighted now to be able to offer antibody testing, which, in conjunction with the diagnostic test being used in the Government’s national testing programme, forms our ‘Back to Business’ programme, for organisations to address their own particular testing needs.

“Randox is fully committed to supporting the national effort to fight COVID-19 by testing at scale, and we continue to work alongside the government and ramp up our testing capabilities, as we know that this is the most effective way to save lives and ensure a timely return to a more normal society.”

Randox Health has partnered with a variety of businesses and organisations to offer its Back to Business programme, including the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce.

Paul Cherpeau, Chief Executive of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce said;

“We are delighted to have Randox, which has such vast experience in the diagnostics industry and has subsequently been able to respond so quickly to the COVID-19 outbreak, as one of our Chamber members.

“That this pioneering testing technology is available from a company based in Liverpool presents an exceptional opportunity for workplaces here to easily implement a staff screening programme, and at the same time demonstrate a high standard of duty of care.”

To find out more about our Back to Business COVID-19 Testing Service, please email info@randoxhealth.com or phone 0800 2545 130





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