COVID-19 Antibody Testing.

The Randox antibody testing service can help determine whether you have detectable antibodies for coronavirus (COVID-19).  This simple blood test is designed to detect COVID-19 antibodies and is carried out by a clinician in our health clinics (open 7 days a week), aiming to give you a result within 3-5 days.


If you have tested positive to the COVID-19 infection then you will most likely have antibodies in your blood. These antibodies do take some time to develop so if you have had symptoms of COVID-19 then the antibody test can be purchased in combination with our PCR (diagnostic) home testing kit. To find out more click here.


Our highly accurate antibody test can be purchased as a stand-alone test, as an ‘add-on’ to our popular Everyman / Everywoman packages or as part of our exclusive Signature package.


If you feel you require more information please call our COVID-19 helpline on 0800 2545 201 or email

Antibody Testing



Antibodies are produced by the body in response to infection.  A positive antibody test result indicates that you have previously had the COVID-19 infection.  A negative result indicates that it is unlikely you have been infected with the virus.  Please note that in some cases, people who have previously had the virus have not tested positive on the antibody test.


The Randox Health antibody test does not tell you:


  • If you have immunity to Coronavirus (COVID-19)


  • If you can or cannot spread the virus to other people


Please note, that the presence of antibodies in your blood (a positive result) does not mean that you are protected from future COVID-19 infection or passing it onto others. As such you should continue to follow the current government guidelines around social distancing and self-isolation, regardless of your result.

Why Choose Randox.


The highly accurate Randox test ultilises patented biochip technology to test with reduction in false negatives.


This is because we measure antibodies to two different proteins Nucleocapsid protein (NP) and Spike Receptor Binding Domain (RBD)

Sample Collection

We can accurately identify early vs late infection because our tests measure two different proteins.


NP indicates early infection whilst RBC detects late infection.

Measurement of both NP and RBD antibodies also provides an opportunity to discriminate vaccinated versus naturally infected individuals based on leading vaccine candidates.


How is the antibody test carried out?

Although home tests kits are available on some websites, the most reliable antibody tests are performed in the laboratory. A simple blood test will be taken at one of our clinics and sent to the lab for analysis.

What does a positive result mean?

A positive result indicates that you have antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 in your blood. This means it is highly likely that you have been infected with the virus in the past.

If I get a positive result does that mean I’m contagious?

This test is for antibodies for COVID-19. These are formed in response to infection with COVID-19 are best detected over 20 days after infection began. This test therefore does not tell you if you are currently contagious.

Does a positive antibody test mean I am immune to COVID-19?

It is not yet known if the presence of antibodies to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, means an individual has lasting immunity. This will become clearer over the next few months as we learn more about the virus.

What does a negative result mean?

A negative result indicates that you do not have antibodies to SARS-COV-2 in your blood. This means it is unlikely that you have had COVID-19. However, it is important to note that a negative antibody result could mean that you have taken the test too soon after developing symptoms. It can take at least 14 days for the body to produce antibodies at detectable levels.

Can you tell me what my antibody levels are?

This antibody test will provide a positive (antibodies detected) or negative (antibodies not detected) result only. It is important to note that we do not yet know whether antibodies offer definitive protection against COVID-19 re-infection, and if so, at what level, or how long for.

Will a coronavirus antibody test tell me if I have a current infection?

No. The antibody test will not detect a current infection. Antibodies are produced some time after an individual becomes infected.

I have COVID-19 symptoms, is this the correct test to get?

The antibody test will not tell you if you currently have COVID-19. If you have symptoms, you can book a test with the Randox Health Clinics through or order the ‘Home Sample Collection Kit’ here

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