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Health is becoming an increasingly important factor for employee benefits at work. A healthy, happy workforce leads to an increase in productivity and job satisfaction so a strategic plan to develop this should be imperative for any business – especially since recent UK Government figures indicate that every year, sickness from work costs UK employers approximately £29 billion.


At Randox Health, we offer a range of corporate wellbeing health programmes to suit all business types, providing colleagues with the most comprehensive health checks on the market. Choosing Randox Health’s corporate wellbeing programmes sends a positive message about your commitment to your staff. Recent reports show clear links between meaningful wellbeing programmes and a variety of desirable employee and business-related outcomes such as recruitment and retention.


Our health programmes can be carried out at one of our clinics or our innovative mobile clinic service can be arranged to visit your workplace. After all, a single blood test is all that’s needed for an unrivalled preventive health experience.


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