Do you value the health of the people helping to make your business a success?

Every day Randox Health Corporate clients are given the power to take their health into their own hands. With an accurate and comprehensive understanding of what’s going on inside their own body, they are able to make the lifestyle changes needed to secure their future health.


After all, prevention is better than cure. From autoimmune disease to pre-diabetes, liver issues to cholesterol, Vitamin D deficiency to muscle inflammation, our clients know that if they discover the little things in their body that aren’t quite right, at the earliest possible stage, they can actively do something about it.


From an employer’s point of view Indirect and hidden costs can cause your business to spend 9% of their annual costs on absence alone. By tackling potential health risks as an employer, you can benefit from retaining human capital, reducing staff turnover costs, improved reputation and a more engaged and productive employee.

Danske Bank

David Henry,
HR Director,
Danske Bank

“Danske Bank chose Randox Health because they offered the most comprehensive range of diagnostic tests at an alternative price. In addition they have the ability to check for early indicators of disease before any symptoms occur. The Corporate health programmes were conducted on our premises, they were quick and efficient.”


Feargal McCormack,
PKF-FPM Accountants

“I was afraid but it had re-assured me, as I am the type of person that needs to see the facts. I’ve never seen so many tests in one place that can help me with my health.”






Ken Roulston,

“We were pleased to have chosen Randox Health as our health and wellbeing partner and look forward to gaining further insight into our health.”






Damien Stone,
Health & Wellbeing Manager,

“It was a great success for us. The tests were in high demand and the day created a real buzz around the office. It got people talking about their body and health, with people openly sharing and discussing their results.”


Johnny McCullogh,
Sales Director,

“I wanted to let you know how pleased KBS Group are with the excellent service we received from Randox Health. The individual reports were both detailed and informative: we were impressed by the speed of the results and timely turnaround of the results.”


Sarah McKay,
Business Director,

“I think the health checks are a great benefit for the teams, and I have received lots of positive feedback from team members who have had the health checks done today.”