Case Study: Sharon Savage on experiencing the world’s most comprehensive health check

Sharon Savage:

“The main thing I noticed about my Randox Health check was how simple and efficient the whole process was.  As is the case for everybody, there are never enough hours in the day trying to fit in work, family, friends, exercising, cooking, cleaning, etc, so I really appreciated that my appointment time could be arranged for 7.30am to suit my schedule of starting work at 7.50am. The initial appointment was very quick and only took about 5 minutes to collect all my samples and measurements, and then I popped off to work shortly afterwards!  Randox Health really did fit the appointment around me and my needs.

 “When I returned for my follow-up I was delighted to find out that my results were generally within the recommended ranges (92% in range), which has given me great peace of mind. Claire, the Randox Health scientist who discussed my results with me, was very friendly and informative and willing to answer my many questions.  It’s so reassuring to know that I don’t have any serious problems, and furthermore that the small issues highlighted are easily rectified through my Randox Health tailored plan. Aside from peace-of-mind, my full body health check has given me real incentive to work on the 8% of results which need improvement to make sure that my good health stays this way. 

“My report, which was provided as both a hard copy and by email, gave me real tangible improvements that I can make – for example taking daily Vitamin D supplements and trying to reduce fat intake to reduce my cholesterol levels. 

 “I have actually had a health check in the past, but it did not compare with the wealth of information I have received from Randox this year. I got many more health results from this check, and so I have an understanding of my body like never before. The ability to track my results over time – to compare my first set with the set I will get in six months – is totally invaluable in taking control of my health, not only to maintain it as time goes on, but also to improve it.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a Randox Health programme. It’s the world’s most comprehensive and personalised health check so for anyone who wants to take their health into their own hands, there’s no place better.”

If, like Sharon, you want to take control of your own health with the world’s most comprehensive and personalised health check, book your programme today.

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