Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)

19th February 2020

Know Your Heart

The cardiovascular system is made up of the heart, arteries, veins and capillaries and their job is to supply blood around the body. When they don’t work, Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) occurs.

Cardiovascular Disease can be split into four different types; Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), Strokes and TIAs, Peripheral Arterial Disease and Aortic Disease.

These diseases are caused by reduced blood flow to the heart, brain or body and the effects can lead to heart attacks and failure, strokes, artery blockages, aneurysms and even death.

With it being the main cause of death worldwide, what are the risk factors to look out for?

Surprisingly, some risk factors stem from lifestyle choices! For example, smoking, lack of exercise, drinking a lot of alcohol or unhealthy diet habits that attribute to high blood pressure and cholesterol, increase the risk of Cardiovascular Disease by damaging and narrowing the body’s blood vessels.

However, there are risk factors that can’t be controlled, these are – family history, age, diabetes, ethnic background and simply being male. This type of risk factor can be checked and monitored by a patient’s doctor.

When you think about the lifestyle risk factors, steps to prevention should be easy with regular exercise and a healthy diet. However, many people won’t be sure if they are showing early signs or are at high risk so routine health checks are encouraged by doctors.

The first warning signs of Cardiovascular Disease are usually heart attacks or strokes; however, these often-life-threatening cardiac episodes can be prevented with simple cardiovascular risk assessments.

Early detection is of a cardiac episode is possible and attending routine health checks creates the chance for the right action to be taken and having significant benefits to health.

In the same way, when testing the severity of a cardiac episode, results can be returned quickly so accurate diagnosis can be given.

As an industry leader in blood testing, the company has, for over 36 years been working behind-the-scenes to develop tests for stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, sepsis and diabetes, amongst others, for a range of hospitals, clinical, research, molecular, life sciences and veterinary laboratories. Today more than 5% of the world’s population – in excess of 370 million people across 145 countries – receives medical diagnosis using Randox products each year.

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Book Your Appointment

Online, via our app or on the phone. You can book an appointment with our health experts at one of the clinic locations or alternatively book an “on the move” appointment and we will come to you.

It Lasts 30 Minutes

It Lasts 30 minutes

The clinic appointment will last no longer that 30mins! Involving a review of your details, bio-measurements and sample collection. As a result ensuring a trip to one of our clinics is quick and effortless.

Scientific Analysis

Scientific Analysis

All your samples are analysed quickly by our Bio-Medical Scientists. We use the latest Randox patent technology, which generates a vast amount of data about your current and future health.

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Your Results & Consultation

You’ll receive your detailed report in post and via our App containing a clear explanation of your results. After this you will be invited for a consultation with one of our Health Experts. Together you’ll discuss your report in full, this is all included in your package.

Your Results & Consultation

Repeat Appointment

Finally want you to continue to monitor your health status based on our results. Therefore you will be invited back for a retest as part of your initial package. Consequently this will ensure the corrections we have suggested are having a positive effect.

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