1 in 4 of us don’t gain any benefits from aspirin – find out if you’re taking it needlessly

OK, so it may not be not ten lords a-leaping, but in all honesty who has the space for them these days?

And anyway, wouldn’t you rather know whether or not an aspirin is helping you to prevent strokes?

Today’s ‘gift of health’ – the Randox Health aspirin effectiveness specialised test – does exactly what it says on the tin. The reason we developed it is because 1 in 4 of us don’t get any benefit from aspirins – and more importantly, knowing this can help to save your life.

Aspirin-resistant patients are twice as likely to suffer a heart attack and almost four times more likely to suffer cardiovascular death than those who are responsive.

By using one simple urine test, we can identify patients who need alternative treatments, ultimately reducing their risk of heart attack and stroke.

The test costs just £50 and can be booked here.

It is included in our Signature health screening programme, or alternatively it can be added to an EveryWoman or EveryMan programme.

These are the most comprehensive health screening checks available in the UK.  Each one involves 150 different tests that are combined to produce a complete picture of your body’s health. Because our innovative tests are so sensitive, they’re capable of identifying pre-illness signs, so you can take control before a risk becomes a problem.

Programmes are available from as little as £40 per month, for a twelve-month package which includes repeat testing, private consultations with a GP or scientific expert and a personalised health plan.