Case Study: Sir Anthony McCoy discovers early signs of diabetes

Randox Health

After a career dedicated to becoming the world’s most successful jockey, Sir Anthony McCoy was never going to leave the next stage of his life to chance. When he learned he had signs of a serious chronic condition, he was relieved to know it was caught early enough to stop it in its tracks.

“Having been so driven throughout my career, making the most of my life after racing wasn’t even a choice. It was a natural thing to do. When I heard about Randox Health’s next-generation health screening, with tests that pinpoint signs of pre-illness, it got my attention. Why wait to get sick when you can stay healthy?

“I knew I’d put on a little bit of weight since retiring. However, as I’d spent my entire career consciously keeping my weight down, I figured I was now at a suitable weight for my height. Everyone had been saying I looked healthier since I retired but as the old saying goes; “it’s what’s on the inside that counts”. 

“The thing I was probably most worried about was my family history of Type-2 diabetes and sure enough, my Randox Health check flagged up an early warning sign.

“I was diagnosed with prediabetes, the precursor to Type-2 diabetes. Basically I would go on to develop diabetes if I didn’t make some lifestyle changes. It was shocking to hear and I’m not alone in having this. There are a third of people with prediabetes in the UK right now – and millions, like me, have no idea. 

“Even though I am now at a healthier weight, having implemented a more ‘normal’ three-meals-a-day-routine (compared to how I used to eat when I was racing), I was suddenly faced with a diagnosis that made me evaluate my lifestyle. 

“It was a relief to find out that I could make very simple changes to reverse prediabetes and stay healthy. And making these changes would also impact on other areas of my health. 

“For example, I was told during my Randox Health check, that my cholesterol levels were quite high so I discussed ways to bring this down with a clinic GP. The GP also flagged up low calcium levels in my body so I now know how to correct this.

“That’s what’s good about getting a Randox Health check. It finds small problems in the body that can be fixed, before they become big ones.  

“The health check even flagged up previous fertility issues that had been caused by the stress I put my body under while I was a jockey, despite me not having mentioned them to the doctor.  I was really impressed that the team were able to decipher this from the results of a simple blood test.  If 10 or 12 years ago I had known about Randox I might have been able to do something about my fertility problems.

“Getting a full body MOT has been an informative process and has given me great peace of mind to know that I can, and will, improve my health. This is something everyone can do – for the price of a cup of coffee every day, anyone can access these tests and find out how to stay healthy for longer.”

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