Anaemia: How we’ve helped our clients!

16th April 2019


Are You Anaemic?

Having anaemia is referred to as being Anaemic. Anaemia is a condition that is a result of not having enough red blood cells or haemoglobin to meet the needs of your body. Red blood cells use haemoglobin to carry oxygen around your body in your blood. Anaemia will cause the tissues and organs around your body to not get the required amount of oxygen. As a result, this can leave you with symptoms such as feeling tired, weak or shortness of breath. There are many reasons why someone may develop anaemia, identifying the problem means you can get the treatment required.

How we helped one of our clients avoid Iron Deficiency Anaemia:

“I hadn’t quite been feeling myself lately – I was more tired than usual and got out of breath quickly. I expected that this was simply caused by tiredness as a result of a hectic lifestyle. I’m not one for running to the Doctor, so decided that a whole-body health check with Randox Health would be beneficial. Better still – all it took was a 30-minute appointment and I was able to do this early in the morning, before work.

I found out from my Randox Health results that I was becoming anaemic – I was low in iron, which was the cause of my tiredness and shortness of breath. Thankfully, this was identified early enough and I received iron medication straight away, before I became anaemic. My energy levels have now returned to normal and I am much more productive, both in work and at home. This is something that I keep an eye on regularly; I know the symptoms to look out for and I know what to include in my diet to prevent it from happening again.

The quick and efficient process of a Randox Health preventive health programme meant that I received the treatment I needed quickly; correcting my iron levels and preventing any further health complications from occurring.”

Do you feel like you may be Anaemic?

Randox Health can help you! If you fear that you are Anaemic read our blog about the causes and symptoms of anaemia here to gain a better understanding of the condition. Contact a member of our team today for more information about our services here! or have a look at the different packages we offer, here!



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Book Your Appointment

Book Your Appointment

Online, via our app or on the phone. You can book an appointment with our health experts at one of the clinic locations or alternatively book an “on the move” appointment and we will come to you.

It Lasts 30 Minutes

It Lasts 30 minutes

The clinic appointment will last no longer that 30mins! Involving a review of your details, bio-measurements and sample collection. As a result ensuring a trip to one of our clinics is quick and effortless.


Scientific Analysis

Scientific Analysis

All your samples are analysed quickly by our Bio-Medical Scientists. We use the latest Randox patent technology, which generates a vast amount of data about your current and future health.

Repeat Appointment

Your Results & Consultation

You’ll receive your detailed report in post and via our App containing a clear explanation of your results. Also after this you will be invited for a consultation with one of our Health Experts. Together you will discuss your report in full, this is all included in your package.

Your Results & Consultation

Repeat Appointment

Finally want you to continue to monitor your health status based on our results. Therefore you will be invited back for a retest as part of your initial package. Consequently this will ensure the corrections we have suggested are having a positive effect.

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