Alana’s Health Journey | My Initial Randox Health Consultation

Well folks, my Randox Health journey has officially begun! I’ve had my first consultation in the lovely Holywood clinic. I opted to have a 7.30am appointment for a couple of reasons. Work was one, but I also had to fast. I love my food, so fasting while I’m asleep is much easier for me!

This appointment was to collect all my measurements (I looked away for most of them, 7.30am is too early to be finding out my weight!) I was looking forward to breakfast too much and I didn’t want to feel guilty for the bacon sandwich I had planned, or the Afternoon Tea the next day! Surprisingly though I did find out I was 2 inches taller than I thought! Move over Naomi Campbell!

Next up blood pressure and blood samples and the dreaded pee in a cup. Thankfully I’m not squeamish with blood, as I’m used to having bloods taken because of my Arthritis. This was all super quick and painless, and then we had a chat about my past health and what I hoped to gain from the programme.

I was in and out in about 20mins! The consultation was super-efficient, but in no way rushed. I felt very looked after. When it was time to leave, the lovely Sharon at reception made me a cup of tea and some breakfast biscuits. She clearly knew of my fasting struggle, it must have shown! Amy met me to take some photos and I was on my way.

So in ten working days’ time I will have a full written report with my results – a complete body MOT. I’m a little nervous because I’m not sure what is going to show up, but knowledge is power.  I can fix what I can and manage the rest accordingly.


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