Alana’s Health Journey | Understanding my Randox Health results

Following the receipt of my Randox Health results, the next step on my Randox Health journey was to discuss them with the Randox Health Doctor and so I was contacted shortly after receiving my results booklet to arrange an appointment.

As always, Randox Health were very accommodating. They ensured that I had an appointment which suited my schedule and so I again opted for an early morning appointment in the Holywood clinic.

I was greeted at reception and shown to the waiting area. I was feeling a little nervous but mostly intrigued to find out in detail more about my results.  I was then met by the lovely Dr Gary Smyth who sat me down and explained how we would look at my results.

As explained to me during my first appointment, some of the results needed to be read together with others to make sense of them, and others were stand-alone. Dr Gary helpfully explained that our bodies are like a jigsaw and that our health is really interconnected. I suppose that’s why Randox Health conduct so many tests! If I was to only to get tests done for the areas of my health in which I was symptomatic, I might not get to the real root of the problem if it’s coming from somewhere else in the body.

We brought my results up on the screen and went through them in order. As expected some of my inflammatory markers were high, which is linked to my Arthritis. Dr Gary advised that I get these retested (luckily retests are all included within the price of the programme!) as I had noted that I had been suffering from a mild sore throat prior to my testing and these may not have been a true result. It will be interesting to see if these change in the next set of results.

Another interesting discovery was that my Thyroid was a little underactive. Dr Gary advised it wasn’t at a level that would require any medication but that I should get this tested each year to ensure that if any action is required in future, it can be addressed early.

Coming to the end of my results Dr Gary pointed out that my Folic Acid and Vitamin D would require some immediate action. Both were well below the normal averages, but both had some simple solutions. A daily supplement should hopefully bring these back to normal.

It was also interesting to hear that being low in either of these can cause some symptoms including fatigue, joint pain, muscle pain, irritability and depression, which can be mistaken for other illnesses. Again, this will be retested at my next appointment to see if the daily supplements have improved my readings.

We then moved on to tumour markers, which I had been advised would be tested as part of the Signature programme when I first began my Randox Health journey. When the results of one of these tumour markers had been highlighted in my report as slightly irregular, I was a little concerned and so I discussed this with Dr Gary. It was great to have the opportunity to be able to ask him any questions that I had had since getting my results, and to have him explain further the ones I may not have completely understood.

Dr Gary was very approachable and knowledgeable so I felt completely at ease discussing my worries about the tumour markers with him.  He advised that I should get the marker retested, based on my medical history which has included abnormal cervical cells and endometriosis. If this marker shows again or the results change, Dr Gary may refer me on to see one of the Randox Health Specialists.

It really put my mind at ease knowing that the Randox Health team will make sure I get all the repeat testing done that I need, and that I will be directed to the safe hands of whichever specialist will be best placed to look after my specific needs. After my appointment with Dr Gary I felt confident that I could put all the information I received in my health results into action.

In the grand scheme of things, it was encouraging to see that my results show I am healthy overall. I have made a point of getting Folic Acid and Vitamin D supplements which I now take daily and I am also challenging myself to look at my daily diet and exercise regime.

I am looking forward to continuing my Randox Health journey and seeing what 2018 has to offer.

If, like Alana, you want to understand your full body health and what you need to do to secure your health in the future, call our team on 0800 2545 130.

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