Alana’s Health Journey | Receiving my results

After my morning of testing with Randox Health I came away feeling very looked after and excited to see my results. True to their word, 10 days later, I arrived home to a perfectly packaged and very professional looking results booklet.

I was hesitant to open it…what if there was something that I couldn’t fix?

Strangely, I was more worried about my past medical history. What if those specialists that I have been to see over the years were wrong? What if I had missed out on events and opportunities over a misdiagnosis? Have I just turned into a hypochondriac? Well this was the time to find out!

The worry passed and as I quickly scanned over the results, I was pleasantly surprised.

The results work in traffic light coding.  Green means good, no changes required. Amber means small adjustments required and possibly looked at but can generally be managed easily. Red… well we all know red isn’t good. Red means that further investigation will be required and you will get retested after treatment/adjustments to track if your treatment has had a positive effect.

Doing a quick overview, I was able to see 84% green. I was chuffed with that! (My brain automatically went into dressage marking, and any dressage rider would bite your hand off for 84%!) But then my perfectionist personality kicked in… what about the other 16%?

This was split into 3% Amber and 13% Red. 13% RED! ‘That’s it I’m a goner,’ I thought to myself. (I can also be a bit of a drama queen!) I put the kettle on and settled myself to review in more detail.

Randox Health are very considerate to calm any worries you may have upon receiving irregular results and so have a very helpful section at the beginning of the report called ‘Expert Advice.’ So before you go picking through every single result and start to google diagnose yourself, they have professionals look at your results and give you a short explanation of the findings.

As expected it had picked up inflammation markers which were most likely linked to my arthritis. However, the test also showed up that I was deficient in Folic acid and Vitamin D, which were two things I wasn’t expecting. Nonetheless, hopefully they are easily fixed. My Thyroid and Cholesterol were also a little off which I wasn’t expecting either, so I’ll make sure to ask about them when I go to my next appointment.

Prior to the results coming in I was warned that there are tests called tumour markers and not to worry about them if they show up in the results. These markers are relative to other results and everything must be analysed together. So when I saw that I did have some tumour markers I knew not to worry about it before speaking to my Randox Health Consultant.

Within my report there was also a separate sheet with results which came from the Body Composition Analysis. In all honesty, I had forgotten all about that machine. At the time I was avoiding my weight as I was day dreaming of the multiple afternoon tea outings I had coming up!

Again, I was really surprised…my weight and BMI were perfect for my height and age! A-MAZ-ING! Although I made a quick note to myself that celebrating with a cheese board may upset those good results…

The amount of testing I had done within the Randox Health Signature Programme is remarkable – my results booklet in total was around 120 pages.  This can seem a little overwhelming, especially if you are like me and want to know every single detail and make an immediate plan of action, but luckily Randox Health are with you every step of the way to help you make sense of all the science. I will soon be meeting with my Randox Health Doctor who will go through everything with me and advise me on my next steps. This appointment was booked quickly and I had lots of different options of appointment times, which really helped trying to fit in work and social commitments.

I am really looking forward to speaking with the Randox Health Doctor to go through my results and to make a plan of action to hopefully improve the red zone results. A full Green result may never be achievable with regards to certain aspects of my health, but we can aim high right? Here’s to the next step on my Randox Health journey!

If, like Alana, you want to take your health into your own hands, book your Randox Health programme today.

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